what is cctv camera and what are the types

Surveillance cameras are used to secure home, offices, shops, stores, godowns, warehouses, commercial buildings, and factories. Also used for tracking public locations and observing activities like any public place, road cross & sides and any critical event.
As crime is growing in multiple folds and human resources are becoming unaffordable for round the clock. There is a need for a cheaper solution that can have a sharp eye on a for round the clock and can secure the place from any misshaping.

What is a CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is the video camera which transmits the signals to a particular location and video monitors. As it broadcasts signals privately or closed-circuit broadcast signals not like the regular television for public broadcast signals, so it is called closed-circuit television or CCTV camera.

The Siemens AG first used it in Peenemunde, Germany in 1972 at the time of the launch of V2 rocket to observe the start. Now CCTV cameras are used in daily life to secure, track and observe different locations and processes.
Many times It has proven to secure places and help the police to catch the accused. So as per the thought of prevention is better than cure CCTV cameras have become essential not only for the small and large business but also for the home.
As Artificial intelligence is gaining pace in day to day life, CCTV cameras are also getting automated and advanced to improve human lives.

CCTV cameras available in the market are different types here, Ganpati Infotech provides all kind of CCTV camera services in Jaipur are below.


Simple Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras (Analog Cameras)

these are the simple camera which has low resolutions. These cameras are only used to secure places where any below 24 inches object recognition is not required these type of camera are less preferred and now just for preventing any misshaping or discouraging suspicious people from doing any wrong thing at the location. These are also called Analog cameras.

HD CCTV or High Definition Closed Circuit Television

As the name is depicting that these type of cameras has high pixels resolutions and due to that they can easily recognize the small objects at the surveillance area. It is used to transmit videos through coaxial cables to the analog monitor. Now people are using such type of cameras generally as they can even recognize a human face and small thing as well so suggested to use these cameras. As per your need, you can pick the resolutions type of HD CCTV cameras. Ganpati Infotech a complete CCTV installation services provide end to end solutions of HD CCTV cameras.


High definition camera type







Dome Camera

As the name is suggesting that these type of cameras are dome-shaped these are small and can easily be fitted in corner areas, and the lense of dome cameras are inside the dome so can easily be installed in small space. The lense of dome camera can be rotational as per the need of yours. These cameras don’t have 360-degree views. These type of cameras are also widely used due to its adjustability at small places like in corners. Because these are small in size so don’t attract any attention quickly which is desirable by anybody.


dome ip camera

Fisheye Camera

As word suggest these type of cameras have fisheye lenses which can provide a view of a 360-degree area of the location. It captures a complete picture around the camera and secures the places which require surrounding security. These kinds of cameras are used in public places and road cross usually. There are CCTV Dealers in Jaipur provide fisheye cameras.


long range fisheye camera


IP Camera

IP cameras are the cameras that have videos can be checked by the IP address into web browsers like chrome, safari, Firefox any others through PC or Mobile Phone and Mobile Applications. They don’t need any dedicated television or monitor. These are also called digital video cameras. IP cameras can send and receive data through a computer network and the internet.

IP camera

As technology is growing may other types of cameras are coming which can alarms as per activities in surveillance areas for particular activities as time go ahead we will see better use of AI in a digital security system.
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