Generally, when people think about a CCTV system, they only know the camera the see usually. And forget about the elements behind the seen are. CCTV system has various components which we will discuss here to clear everything about CCTV camera system. After reading this article, you will be the most knowledgeable person about the CCTV camera system and its components and buying and getting install a CCTV system will be more accessible for you.
Before installing a CCTV camera system, you need to consider the following…

  • Your objective or Purpose
  • CCTV Camera System Elements or Parts and Types
  • Right consultation
  • Vendor selection
  • Proper implementation
  • The output of the system whether your purpose has solved or not


let’s jump into the CCTV system elements and what are they and how they work.

Security Cameras


There are a different type of cameras available in the market like IP camera, Dome Camera, HD Camera, Fisheye Camera, Bullet Camera and more you can know more by clicking here about the type and use of the CCTV cameras.

Here you should consider your objective, and as per the purpose, you should select the cameras. Like if you want to record in the night or have a dark place for recording, then you should have a night vision feature in your camera. Or if you’re going to read minor things like reading numbers, faces and any other small object then you should consider the HD cameras which have high resolutions or has high megapixels lenses. You should understand your need and as per need take right resolutions of the camera because high-resolution camera are so costly as resolutions increase the cost of the camera increase and its support system configuration also increased so it may cost you heigh so it is suggested that as per your need you should have the CCTV cameras. If you don’t have a better consultant or service provider, you may be given high resolutions camera which would be high-cost camera system, and maybe your need would be fulfilled with lower resolution cameras.

A better consultant or service provider can better understand your need and give you the right suggestion, but you should select such vendor based on his knowledge and experience. A better consultant can tell you what can be the best resolution of your camera as per your objective.
There are different shapes of the cameras as per the location or placement you have like dome cameras, bullet camera, covert camera, and PTZ camera. As per the location, you should select the camera.

Now, in summary, we can say CCTV cameras should be chosen as per the following consideration

  • Night vision: if you want night recording or have a dark area for record
  • Resolution or Lens Types: if you’re going to track the small object or want to monitor only activities in a field
  • Coverage and Mounting Options: how much area and range you want to cover
  • Power Type: If you have power related issue or want to have a battery based camera
  • Display: If you’re going to have displayed in your mobile or on the internet or in a Monitor

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR 32 Channels

Digital Video Recorder is a device which records the video of the CCTV cameras capturing, It stores and manages the recordings. A DVR contains pre-loaded software to manage cameras, Channels and a Hard Disk.

The Software allows to manage and configure each security camera individually. A Channels is a connection to a particular CCTV camera through a cable, 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels DVR are available in the market four channels DVR can connect up to 4 cameras so as per your number of cameras you need to select the DVR. A hard disk is for storing your video recording and is used for backup of your video recording. You can take out this hard disk and connect it to your laptop or pc and can take back up of it any time. Here you should know that as per your camera resolutions or pixels of lenses your storage cover the space in your hard disk. If you have HD cameras or high-resolution cameras than it needs the higher storage capacity of your hard drive. A right service provider can suggest you best about the disk space requirements as per your cameras.

All security DVRs are not same apart from theses DVR are also have got advanced regarding features like some DVR have faster recording speeds, more features, and extended warranties.
It is suggested that you should have the right DVR with an advanced configuration as per your present and future need.

In summary, we can say that a DVR is the Central Unit of a CCTV camera system and contains the most essential part of a security system, so you should always have a sturdy cabinet for this which is not easier to open or broken, and you should also use a hidden place for placing your DVR.

CCTV Cable

cctv camera cable

CCTV cable is used to attach the cameras with the DVR to exchange the power supply to the cameras and video recording to the DVR. Most service providers use Siamese CCTV cable for installing CCTV camera system.
This cable consists of two wires within it one features an RG59 coaxial cable for video transmission from security cameras to the security DVR and second 18 gauge two conductor power cable that supply power to the security cameras. This cable is made durable, easy to install and comes in 500feet and 1000 feet boxes.


BNC Connectors

BNC Connectors

BNC connectors are used to terminate the ends of the RG59 coaxial cable and allow to plug and play installation among coaxial cable, CCTV cameras, and DVR.
BNC connectors used in CCTV cameras systems are bit stronger and are most common for high bandwidth video applications.


CCTV Power Supply


CCTV power supply is used to supply a required voltage to the CCTV security system. These power supply is available in 24VAC or 12 VDC power types, and have different voltage strengths. Here as per the evaluation of the amount and type of power required in CCTV security cameras are used.


So, in summary, we can say that CCTV camera is not a single device it is only a part of a system, so we need to say that CCTV camera is a system when you are thinking to install it. Ganpati Infotech is a service providing company which provides CCTV Cameras service in Jaipur. For affordable and the best guidance, you can call o +91-9829028271

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